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Click to File Timer

Eliminate the timesheet. With Click to File Timer, spend your day working on your computer without worrying about tracking every minute of your time. When you're done, just file your time with Clio.

Quick & Easy to Install

Click to File For Timer is easy to Install. Just download the installation file, install, authorize with Clio and begin using it. Simple. Effective.

Direct Integration With Clio

Unlike other products, Click to File Timer integrates directly with Clio. There are no middle steps. Work. Assign matter numbers to the timesheet and file. It's that simple.

Eliminate The Timesheet

Technology should have made things easier. Instead, we're faced with more and more demands on our time. Keeping track of the time we spend on the computer should not be one of them. Let Click to File Timer track your computer activities so you can focus on activities that matter the most to you.

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Eliminate the timesheet. Use Click to File Timer to track your work on the computer. When you're ready to bill your time, open Click to File Timer and with a few clicks, you're done and ready to bill in Clio.

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